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  • Fleet Forex ensures Absolute Integrity

    Absolute Integrity

    We are totally committed to fairness and best practices in our business activities.

  • Fleet Forex is Success-Oriented


    We are committed to helping you succeed. Your success is our success!

  • Fleet Forex provides Quality Education

    Quality Education

    Our Forex Training Faculty includes the world-renowned Forex Professor and other top traders/trainers globally

  • Fleet Forex - Professional Staff

    Professional Staff

    We have top class, dedicated staff, ready to serve you at all times

  • Fleet Forex offers Full STP

    Full STP Trading

    We offer Full STP for Your Trades. No dealing desk cheating You of hard-earned profits!

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    Soar High!

    We help Maximize Your Trading Potentials. Trade Profitably on FLEETFOREX!

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