We offer a variety of partnership solutions tailored to your needs, click on any of the options below for details:

Web Affiliate

Become a FleetForex Website Affiliate Partner!

Do you have a busy website that attracts a lot of traffic of people who might be interested in Online Forex trading? If yes, you can add a new income stream to your business, by simply placing our banner on strategic positions on your website.

We pay you a generous commission on any customer from your website, who opens a real trading account with us!

Various banner sizes are available and you are encouraged to place one on as many pages as possible. That's all you have to do; your new income stream generates passive revenue for you 24/7 and you get monthly reports on your activities.


Click Here to Register or Send an email to partners@fleetforex.com stating your website, traffic statistics and details of your operations.

Introducing Brokers (IB)

Become a FleetForex Introducing Broker!

An Introducing Broker gets a share of the income generated by clients referred to FleetForex. Income is generated on an ongoing basis via volume rebates or widened spreads on clients' transactions.

IBs are required to place a link to the FleetForex opening account procedure on their web-page; all the clients who open accounts from this link are automatically credited to the IB's account.

An Introducing Broker is expected to constantly attract clients to open trading accounts directly with FleetForex by conducting his/her own advertising campaign as a FleetForex IB.

All clients introduced to FleetForex by IB's deal directly with us.

FleetForex IB program is open to a wide variety of organised business entities such as:

> Successful traders and/or trainers in FOREX, stock, futures markets

> Trading rooms

> Banks

> Companies Providing Financial Services and Training

> Insurance companies

> Stock brokerage or trading companies

> Commitment to fair business practices

> Money managers

> Real estate firms

> Attorneys, accountants and other business professionals

> Companies with large customer base

> Establishments with huge mailing list or subscription base
Terms and conditions of each Introducing Broker agreement are discussed on an individual basis.


Click Here to Register or send an email to partners@fleetforex.com with details of your business operations and proposed marketing strategy for your IB operations.

White Label and Branding Options

Become a FleetForex White label Partner!

The FleetForex Metatrader trading platform can be re-branded for brokers, banks, and other institutions for onward provision to their own client base.

The package includes the full range of trading tools currently available on the platform, with additional user-definable options that link directly to specific features of your business operations.

You get a full-fledged trading platform, in your own business name and image, at a very small faction of the cost and without the need for a dealing room and other back-office hassles!


Click Here to Register or send an email to partners@fleetforex.com
with details of your business operations and proposed marketing strategy for your White Label operations.